About the Couples Intensive

For most couples, the pain they are wanting to heal and the growth they are hoping for feels too urgent to slowly work through over months or years. That is why I created my intensive model. I use Relational Life Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology as my primary modalities and interweave these trauma recoveries (I am trained in many forms of trauma recovery) to work with my couples to heal the heart of the problem, so that each partner can find the most authentic version of themselves and bring that self into relationship with skill and health.


If you have been in therapy before, you might have noticed that 20-30 minutes of your weekly therapy is taken up with reconnecting with your therapist and catching them up on what's been happening up to now. With the intensive format, we do not spend any time doing that because the sessions are long and spaced spaced closely together. So, when we do the math, 20 hours of couples therapy in an intensive is equal to about 40 regular hours of therapy. That's 10 months of therapy in just a few weeks.


The first part of the intensive is...well, intense. We will work in 2-3 hour sessions for 14 hours and complete that work in about 7-15 days. Then, follow up sessions will happen for the next few weeks until we complete the 20 hour intensive.  


The intensive will likely include much of the following (each person is different, so I tailor the work to your needs):

* Learning new skills

* Psychoeducation on the brain

* Witnessing each person’s individual work

* Identification of 1 or more core problematic patterns in your interactions

* Practices that will interrupt that pattern

* Practices that will create new healthy patterns

* Create a plan to keep moving forward in health


How many couples will take part in the intensive?

Only one, this is a space for your relationship.


Will the work happen in person or via an online platform?

I work in both video and in-person sessions. When it gets close to your intensive, we will be in contact with each other to decide if we want to do one version, the other or a mix.

Is it likely that this will save my relationship?

I don't know. That depends on many factors and what each partner wants in regards to relational health. I can say that if you practice the skills and dive in deep, you and your partner have a great chance at gaining relational health. You may also decide to stay together as you enjoy the benefits of a deeply connected life. If you feel you have questions that you'd like answered that are not covered here, I am happy to schedule a 15 minute phone call with you to discuss and answer whatever I can.


Our relationship isn't in trouble, we just want to grow. Will an intensive still be helpful?

While many couples come to the intensive when they are in trouble, I also work with people who are wanting more depth and more intimacy. No matter the state of your relationship, this type of work is likely to help.


How can I schedule my intensive?

Look at the dates and send me an email letting me know which spot you would like. I’ll then send you a way to pay your $1000 deposit to hold your spot. This deposit goes towards the whole cost.


How does the payment work?

The intensive is $8,000 total. The deposit is part of this fee, so once the intensive begins you will be charged the rest of the $7,000. You can pay as you go by putting a credit card into the system, or if you prefer to pay in advance, you can mail a check to Juliane Shore, 4009 Banister Lane #330, Austin TX 78704.

Can I sign up for only one or two sessions instead?

No, the intensives are 20 hours total and are a package, so the whole 20 hours is included in the price. If you are a therapist and would like to work with me in a consultation, please let me know by clicking here.  The consultations are done 1-2 times per month and are scheduled for a single hour at a time.


Once we do an intensive can we start weekly therapy with you?

No, I am not available to take on any regular clients at this time. If, when we are creating your plan to move the work forward, we all determine that ongoing therapy will be a good fit for you, I will help with referrals. If you would like to, you may schedule an additional intensive.  


Is there anything I can do to prepare for the intensive?

Yes, reading any book by Terrence Real will help you understand more deeply what we will be aiming for in your intensive. Also, reading the book, Mindsightwill help you understand interpersonal neurobiology. Pay special attention to chapter 11, as that is a very good example of how it might feel to work with me. 


I also highly recommend taking the Essential Skills Bootcamp together prior to participating in the intensive. It will speed up the psychoeducation aspect of the work, as well as deepen your own insight into what's making things hard, so that we have more time to go in depth into healing and working with your individual journey. I regularly teach a bootcamp with my friends and colleagues Rebecca Wong and Vickey Easa.  


What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel two months or more prior to your intensive, you can receive a full refund of your deposit minus a $100 admin fee. If you need to cancel closer to your intensive date, you will not receive a refund of your deposit, but you can look at the calendar and choose a different intensive date. A credit card must be kept on file beginning 3 weeks prior to your intensive if you are paying as you go. If you are paying via check, please send the check at least 3 weeks prior to the intensive. If you would like to shift from a couples intensive to an individual intensive that is also welcome.