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Thanks for thinking about doing consultation with me. I take one on one consultations in an ongoing relationship format on a once a month basis and as just a one time option. If you are looking for an ongoing consultation relationship, please indicate that when you reach out and I will let you know if I have a once a month offering for you. 


I offer three different study groups and consultation groups that my mailing list gets notice of before I announce it publicly. My mailing list also gets advanced notice of any trainings I offer before I announce it publicly. Many of my trainings are done in small group format, so these groups and trainings fill up fast. Sign up for my newsletter.

I offer one on one consultations. If you want to spend a 50 minute session with me to reflect on your journey as a therapist, to get feedback or clarity on a case you are struggling with, answer questions about neurobiology or to process something that's coming up for you in your work as a therapist or coach, I'd be glad to help. My consultations are $300 per session.


I have a few people who would like regular (biweekly or monthly) consultations, but all those spots are currently full. If you are seeking an ongoing consultation relationship, please subscribe to my mailing list. Whenever I get an opening for a regular consultation spot, the people on my mailing list are the first to know.


If you want to work with me in training, another good way to do it is to join one of my small groups. My groups all run September-May/June, are offered on a variety of topics, and meet once a month or biweekly. All my groups are closed, so that the group dynamic is held with safety and depth through the arc of the year. Then, once a year (usually in the summer), I open up membership for new and for already formed groups. The groups for the 2022 season are sold out, but make sure you join the mailing list so that you get notice when a new group forms or if I have an opening in an established group.


I also offer trainings for therapists and offerings in group formats online and in person. 

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