Consultations with Jules

Thanks for thinking about doing consultation with me. I take one on one consultations in an ongoing relationship format on a once a month basis and as just a one time option. If you are looking for an ongoing consultation relationship, please indicate that when you reach out and I will let you know if I have a once a month offering for you. 


I offer three different study groups and consultation groups that my mailing list gets notice of before I announce it publicly. My mailing list also gets advanced notice of any trainings I offer before I announce it publicly. Many of my trainings are done in small group format, so these groups and trainings fill up fast.


There will be a new membership group that is a mix of personal work, neuroscience learning and thinking about the craft and art of psychotherapy starting in January of 2022, and I'll be sending out notices about all those details to my mailing list first. Sign up for my newsletter here.