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Juliane Taylor Shore

I use my knowledge of the brain and the implicit mind to go decisively to the root of the issue with gentleness and depth. I want to help you find the love and connection and grace you have always longed for. I am on a journey to help myself and others have good boundaries. Having good boundaries helps us develop deep and resilient relationships with ourselves, with people we love, and with reality. 

I became a therapist because I stumbled into a therapist's office when I was in a hard space, fought with him for several months over whether or not feelings are important (I argued they were not), and found myself at the other end transformed.

I remember the day I looked up at him from a grubby couch in a low cost clinic and said "Patrick, how did you get your job? I think I might want it."

So, I went to grad school a bit after that. Still thought the whole thing was probably woo woo BS, and studied the neuroscience to try to prove myself wrong...and here I am.

Writing, speaking, running intensive trauma recovery sessions, and relational healing workshops and couples intensives, all while teaching interpersonal neurobiology to anyone who will listen.

I have always been passionate about relationships and relational health, and try to live it well and screw it up all the time anyway. I can get lost in wondering about the nature of reality, and I love to get lost in the deep acceptance of both/and. Because sitting in not knowing intrigues me, in my therapy work I practice somatic experiencing and internal family systems, relational life therapy, and sand tray. I witness the healing of souls and the finding of self. And the bravery it takes to turn to a romantic partner and say I want you and I know we will mess this up but let's figure out how to turn to each other and grow this thing," is absolutely beautiful. So, I do trauma recovery and couples work (often at the same time) in my private practice.


I am passionate about my husband, daughter, and dog. I love my dear friends who know all of me and don't turn away. I am passionate about poetry (favorite of the moment: Poppies by Mary Oliver). I love to sit on the back porch and watch the trees move. I love a good accent of any kind but hill country Texas is my favorite. I am in love with this earth and all of the people in it. I am passionate about welcoming us all, with all of our messiness, and with loving firmness that can create respect and growth.


We’re Jules Shore, Vickey Easa, and Rebecca Wong, hosts of the Why Does My Partner podcast. We tackle tough questions from listeners who want help in relationships —these questions are relational gold— they echo the conversations that take place over and over again in our therapy offices. These questions, your questions, take us on a dive deep into the skills at the heart of relational intimacy, greater health, and fulfillment.


Clear is Kind.

Connection is the natural state for all of us. Connection is best supported by good boundary. 


With all my people, I see again and again how good boundaries make vulnerability more safe and vulnerability leads to connection. Connection supports us when life is overwhelming, when we can't face it alone. The truth is we aren't supposed to have to face life alone. I have learned from my people that strength is often found in leaning in and feeling safe enough to do so. I have also seen that learning to trust yourself is a huge part of safety. When we handle life well, it's so often the result of treating ourselves with love and respect and leaning in to those who love us too.

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